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Lenovo A540 All-in-One (Lenovo) Drivers for Windows 10 x64

Lenovo A540 All-in-OneĀ  (lenovo) Drivers
Operating System: Windows 10 x64 (64 bit)
***After upgrading to Windows 10, if there are any drivers that haven’t been installed, please run Windows Update to install the appropriate drivers.

Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Driver v11.0.0.1181 Release: 12 Jul 2016 Size: 79.4 MB
Display and Video Graphics

AVerMedia H334 TV Tuner Driver v10.2.64.103 Release: 14 Jul 2015 Size: 7 MB
Mouse, Pen and Keyboard

Lenovo Black Silk USB Keyboard driver v1.6.13.0724 Release: 18 Jul 2016 Size: 1.8 MB
Mouse, Pen and Keyboard

Silver Silk 2.4G KB Driver v1.05 Release: 18 Jul 2016 Size: 3 MB
Software and Utilities

INTEL AMT for fixing OpenSSL Security Issue v11.0.0.1181 Release: 26 Aug 2016 Size: 79.4 MB
Software and Utilities

TVSUBeat Patch v1.02 Release: 5 Nov 2015 Size: 2.6 MB
Software and Utilities

Lenovo LSE Windows Disabler ToolV1.0 Release: 30 Jul 2015 Size: 31.3 KB

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver v14.5.0.1081 Release: 17 Jul 2015 Size: 11 MB
Lenovo A540 All-in-One (Lenovo)

BIOS Update vO14KT19AUS Release: 24 Feb 2016 Size: 4.54 MB


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